It’s all in the details…


What we are…

We are a full service General Contracting company specializing in all phases of residential construction and remodeling.

We are a small company with a lot of experience.  Because of our combination of experience and size, we can service projects of all types.  We perform most of the work on small jobs “in-house” and bring in our collection of talented and trusted sub-contractors to complete larger projects.

Who we are…

Troy Tilkens has been a builder most of his life, starting as a child. He has had a series of informal apprenticeships early in his career and has built upon this base ever since.

Troy worked with a local custom door shop learning the complicated trade of custom door fabrication and installation.  As almost any builder can tell you, door fabrication and installation is one of the most misunderstood and demanding of the finish trades

After learning the art of custom cabinetry from a well known Colorado cabinet shop, Troy moved back to California in 1993 and started working independently. In the last 20 years he has had the privilege of designing and fabricating many beautiful projects, some of which are featured on this site.

These two trades, both focused on a high degree of skill and detail, are the foundation on which T3 Construction is based.

From the early beginnings in these detail oriented finish trades, Troy continually broadened his skill set to include every facet of the construction process.  He has said that he never felt truly comfortable having a sub-contractor or an employee perform a task that he hasn’t gained experience with himself. As a result there are few trades that he, and T3 Construction, aren’t intimately familiar with.

This attention to detail and broad, yet focused, experience base are what separate us from most builders today.