Elsinor – Ventura, CA

This project was a complete remodel.  The property had been a rental for almost 30 years and was in dire need of an overhaul.

A total of 3 additions were performed to enlarge 2 bedrooms into suites and to expand the kitchen toward an underutilized portion of the side yard . All of the interior finishes including cabinetry drywall, and floors were replaced and unique touches such as the Peacock Green cement overlay floor brought a level of interest that the homeowners desired.

New windows, doors, and insulation dramatically increased the heating and cooling efficiency.  The old plywood and batten siding were removed and replaced with a Santa Barbara style stucco finish.  All of the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing were replaced and upgraded.  New masonry walls and hardscape transformed the yards and with the final landscaping the front yard became an oasis of native plants requiring a minimum of water and maintenance.

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